Thirty Days of Thanks: Days 13, 14, and 15

Well folks, it’s T-minus 5 days and counting until I take the ABO, and I have pretty much been studying nonstop. Sorry that I put the blog on the back burner this week. Just a quick update tonight to get me all caught up, and then hopefully I’ll have some time this weekend to write about some fun DIY ideas or delicious recipes!

13. I’m grateful for seasons.

Living in a place where seasons don’t really exist, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what time of year it is. Luckily, my mom always will text me things like “happy autumnal equinox!” so I at least feel like I’m somewhat up to speed. Recently, she texted me as picture of the autumn leaves on the lake, and I suddenly realized how much I miss the seasons changing. So though I don’t get to experience them now, I am thankful for seasons, and can’t wait to get to experience them again, whenever that may be.

14. I’m grateful for getting a good nights rest.

This is pretty self explanatory… I don’t really see a need to elaborate on this.

15. I am so thankful for coming home tonight to a clean, organized home.

When I came home from work tonight after a 12 hour workday, I opened the door and instantly realized that the dishes were all clean and put away, the counter had been cleaned off and organized, the clothes were put away, the floors had been vacuumed and mopped, and the bathroom had been cleaned. To top it all off my husband had dinner already cooking on the stove. It was a complete surprise, and even though he had spent at least 8 hours on campus today, my wonderful husband took care of everything at home too. I am so grateful for having that extra bit of stress lifted from my shoulders.

Okay…all caught up! I’ll really try to do better for the rest of the week, and then after this crazy test is over I should be able to go back to normal posting. Or, rather, I should be able to establish normal posting, since this blog is really too new to say I can “go back” to something.

Have a good night, world, and a good morning too since that is when you will probably be reading this!

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