Thirty Days of Thanks: Day 4

Today was a really great Sunday and start to the week. In fact, this whole weekend has been quite wonderful. Today I had the opportunity to reflect on life a little, and that time of contemplation has inspired today’s “thankful-for.”

4. I am thankful for the amazing technology that we get to use each and every day.

Technology has come such a long way in such a short period of time. Of course, there are negative things about technology too…but I want to focus on the positive. Right now, I am sitting with my husband on our couch, waiting to video message with his family who are across the world. How amazing is that? I have friends who have children in the NICU completely dependent on machines which are able to help keep them alive. Look at how far technology has come! Each and every day, I can sit down at this machine in front of me, type something on a keyboard, and in the blink of an eye it can be sent across the world, and thousands of you can read it (well…hopefully someday it will be thousands of you). Technology is an amazing, amazing thing.

Well folks, stay tuned this week. I have challenged myself to blog every day, without fail. I really want to make this blog turn into something someday! Here’s to trying…


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